The Technological Revolution in Software Development: The Role of AI

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The Role of AI

What are the advantages of AI?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing many areas of life. One of them is software development. The latest techniques allow systems to learn about themselves. For example, when creating applications, an algorithm can make autonomous decisions. This innovation simplifies the developer’s programming task. 

Now, developers can make intelligent decisions thanks to some machine learning mechanisms. They are a part of artificial intelligence that allows us to recognize patterns and make predictions automatically. When you use Spotify, YouTube, or Netflix and they offer you content recommendations, that’s where machine learning comes in.

This system constantly learns from itself and allows you to offer much more sophisticated and customized software. 


Artificial intelligence: a necessary resource for software development

As with the example above, the developer’s role could be radically modified when introducing artificial intelligence. Mainly because he would not need to develop this algorithm on his own, but his work would be based on “teaching” the machine to interpret data. At the same time, he would supervise that the AI interprets this information correctly and that the software fulfills its objective.

For instance, if developers create a program to group a company’s emails, they can tell the AI which categories each message belongs to, based on different variables. For example, programmers load a significant number of sample emails into the system for the “urgent” category. There, the AI will read all the variables that are repeated in each message, such as words. When it detects them, it will know which category they may correspond to.

Software development would be improved in cases like the previous one. One of the positive consequences is that people have less time to create the code needed to make it work. We can use the free time to add a different value while AI reduces the error rate and solves the main problem. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the entire work process is optimized

If we want to simplify and optimize our workload in this way, it’s necessary to know the main phases of software development and how artificial intelligence can help with each of them. 

Phases of software development where Artificial Intelligence can be applied

Software development can take advantage of Artificial Intelligence at different stages of the process. The most important ones are:

  • Requirements capture. This is a stage where the development team is usually constantly involved. Here, developers discover each of the functional and non-functional requirements of the application. It is an analytical task. The team may interview people involved in the project or study existing documentation. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to improve data management and automate complex processes.
  • Software design. When designing software, you have to think about several aspects. The released product must be functional but also adapted to users’ requirements. Thanks to artificial intelligence, developers can meet the needs of customers. This information enhances the user experience and improves the usability of the software.
  • Code generation. Perhaps the area that most benefits developers. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, programmers can generate code much more efficiently. For example, they will simplify tasks and reduce work time since AI automatically detects errors in lines of code or makes suggestions based on what you wrote. 
  • Testing and updates. The testing phase is indispensable before the product launch. Artificial Intelligence allows you to detect possible flaws in the system, especially in the face of user interaction. Once the product is released, you will have to generate updates and security patches to improve the use of the product. You will even have to make adjustments to adapt to the dynamic needs of customers. Artificial Intelligence will also help you there, as it will detect user behavior and possible bugs or code improvements.


Benefits of AI in the Software Development Cycle

In the same way, Artificial Intelligence generates different benefits in software development. Some of them are:

  • Make accurate estimates. When developing software, it is important to understand a large amount of data, especially if you have to make business projections. If the budget is tight, you have to know in which section you have to work more. Artificial Intelligence will easily interpret and mix all the available variables and the possible outcomes. In this way, it may be able to estimate more accurately than a human.
  • Detect errors in time. It is common for software to present unexpected problems. Sometimes, this generates crises in development teams, especially when there is little time left for the release. In this sense, an AI will be able to locate faults simply and propose possible code solutions.
  • Automate decisions. This section is controversial, as many programmers do not want to rely 100% on an algorithm. However, an AI can decide on its own in specific contexts. For example, if you analyze behavior patterns in an application, you can choose which improvement to implement first. However, the final decision should always be made by the development team.

Why it makes sense to learn about AI in software development

Undoubtedly, programmers could greatly benefit from incorporating AI into their work routines. Cost reduction, automatic code generation, early bug detection, software delivery time predictions, or security testing are some reasons you should learn about the work of AI.

However, it is also important from a technological innovation point of view. If the Internet was the great phenomenon of the last decade, artificial intelligence is likely to be the current paradigm. 

Although there is still much room for improvement, the programmers most in demand will likely be those who know how to work in conjunction with artificial intelligence.


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