How efficient is Scrum? Everything you need to know

Scrum – Agile Mindset

There are a lot of frameworks, but few are as efficient as Scrum.

Working as a team is one of the biggest, most commonly faced software development challenges. Every year, new managing frameworks are used by teams and businesses. When people work together and with synergy, production rates increase and errors decrease.


What is Scrum

What is an agile process framework?

If you want to understand what Scrum is, you first need to know what an agile process framework is. An agile process framework is a set of team-working strategies, based on a collection of procedures and methodologies. Some of these procedures include iterative development and a focus on interaction.

Agile process frameworks allow teams to divide themselves according to their skills and abilities, and to adapt to project necessities as time goes by.

What is Scrum?

This methodology is one of the many agile process framework methods used to manage and direct projects, and its core purpose is to ensure that teams work in unison to complete short-term tasks until a project reaches completion. The framework focuses on efficient organization and self-improvement to provide project development.

What is Scrum methodology?

The framework begins when the first sprint is planned. Sprints are short-term efforts that last less than a month, where a specific goal needs to be reached. Most sprints last two weeks, and the next one begins as soon as the previous one ends, and can be seen as mini-projects inside the main project.

The purpose of sprint planning is to set the main goal that needs to be accomplished together with the methods that need to be used. Each day, team members should meet to perform a daily meeting to identify challenges, share ideas, or ask relevant questions. 

Whenever a sprint ends, reviews must be made to fully understand what has been done so far, to identify weaknesses and strengths, and to ensure the work was completed correctly. The sprint process is repeated until every task is completed, and the software or product is ready for release to the market.

What does a Scrum Master do?

A Scrum Master is a sort of project manager, and their job is to ensure that the Scrum workflow doesn’t run into any trouble, as they have to make sure the framework is being taken into consideration.

 Scrum Masters are the ones in charge of organizing and assigning tasks to team members so they can work cohesively and in an efficient way.

What does Scrum stand for?

Etymologically speaking, it’s easy to assume that Scrum is some sort of acronym, but it isn’t. Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi took the name of a Rugby formation to describe it in a Harvard Business Review. This formation consists of players staying close to each other to take over the ball, something that is more or less similar to how the framework works.

The Scrum frameworks stand for efficient work done with small development teams. Small projects can make the most out of this framework, while the big ones can use it to divide their workforce into smaller teams with better management and organization.

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