How to work from home and be really productive during COVID-19?

The number of people that decide to work from home is steadily rising. Some do it because they want to be their own bosses, opting to pick the jobs they like the most and others decide just to move their work from their offices to their homes since it gives them the possibility of working in a more comfortable environment.

In regards to what’s going on today at a global level, and ever since governments from several countries began to take drastic measures in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. Due to this, many businesses gave their workers the chance to work from home.

Experienced freelancers have no problem with this, but people used to working in an office are facing a big challenge since they might not have a clear idea of how to stay focused without affecting their usual productivity level. if you are one of them, the following tips about how to work from home and stay productive can come in handy!

work from home and stay productive
Work from home

Dedicate a specific area of your house to work from home

If you don’t have a place at home where the only do is work, it’s time to mount your small office! If you have a desktop computer, you can from there, but if you own a laptop, discarding couches and beds (because you might get sleepy or simply not switch to a working mindset), you can work wherever you feel more comfortable, it doesn’t need to be a desk as you can just work on any table.

You will have to get used to associating this space with your office whenever you’re there and having a dedicated home office will help you with that. In order to assure this and to reduce distractions, you can tell others to respect your working spot.

And just like when you’re in a business office, you shouldn’t do other things that aren’t work-related unless they’re necessary. It’s okay to put on some music and make some coffee to drink while you work, but turning on the TV to watch your favorite TV show, might not be a great idea. 

Develop a work from home routine

Once you’ve set up a place in your home where you can work, you need to define a work routine. You need to train your brain in order to be able to switch from ‘home mode’ to ‘work mode’ whenever your work hours start. This is easier to accomplish if you used to have a work routine at your business office, as you can just use the same method (although you might have to tweak it a bit.).

For example, if you used to get up at 5 a.m. to get dressed and have breakfast before leaving for work, then you can still wake up that early if you feel like it, and use the time you used to spend going to work to watch the news, workout or anything you that makes you feel productive. Sleeping in can also be an option, but once your ‘work hours’ start, you shouldn’t do any other thing that isn’t work-related unless they’re strictly necessary.  

Organize your tasks

You need to organize your tasks according to how important and complex they are. Prioritize those that require more focus and effort, as you’ll be able to solve them faster when you have more energy. Leaving easier tasks for later also lets you use less mental energy at the end of your work routine, so you won’t end up stressed after finishing your work hours.

You can use tools like paper notes or phone alarms to remember tasks, as this will help your mind focus on the job that needs to be done. You may also find it useful to start working with productivity apps like Notion, Jira, and Google Calendar to manage your tasks. 

Minimize distractions

You should avoid doing activities that aren’t necessary or that will slow your work progress. Don’t use social media or watch videos on YouTube during your work hours or on your workspace. You can also prepare your food the day before so you won’t lose time cooking during your work hours. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s good to break the rules every now and then to relax or stretch your body.


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